Temple Run – Brave Review for iPad

The Temple Run – Brave for iPad is a paid app ($.99) and is brought to you by Imangi (original Temple Run) and Disney. The ‘brave’ version of Temple Run is the old-wine-in-a-new-bottle formula and clearly aimed at promoting the pixar movie ‘Brave’.

I am a fan of Temple Run and enjoyed playing the ‘brave’ version as well. Just like its predecessor, this game offers an addictive and fast-paced entertainment in the form of an endless running game.


This is an endless running game where you run as the princess Mirada ‘braving’ all sorts of hurdles that this game throws at you. The longer you run the more coins and level up you acquire.

There are multiple objectives that you automatically accomplish as you play the game. For example, the ‘novice runner’ objective is achieved by running 500 meters.

Temple Run - Brave Objective

How to Play:

Temple Run – Brave has one of the shortest learning curves. You need to swipe and tilt your iPad to run uninterruptedly while levelling up by collecting power-ups and coins.

In this game, you are running away from Mordu, the demon brave. The visuals are inspired from the movie offering a fresh look to the game. This game introduces ‘Archery’, you are supposed to tap at the targets to shoot bulls-eye and earn gold coins.


I found the following to be helpful.

  • When facing a hurdle, swipe up/down from slightly further away. This has saved me in many situations when I face two subsequent hurdles as swiping little earlier gives me that little extra 1-2 seconds.
  • When faced with arch-shaped barriers, I prefer swiping up instead of swiping down. I have found this helpful as I am better prepared for the next hurdle.
  • I did not know this earlier but mid-air (jump) you could tilt and land on the right or left side. This has really saved my life many times.


  • You get free 2500 coins as starting bonus. Neat!
  • This game is embedded with Game Center, setting you up nicely against your friends.
  • Store: you can use the store to spend coins and purchase a range of power ups. My favourite is ‘coin magnet’. In the Utilities section, you can buy resurrection (another favourite of mine) and other boosts. In the outfits section, you can buy her various outfits. In the wallpapers section, you can unlock three different wallpapers. The wallpapers are beautiful.
  • There are some adorable lines by Mirada when she speaks in her Scottish accent. I especially like the ‘got it’.

 Pain Points: 

  • I have noticed lag just when the game begins and this has cost my lives! The lag can be frustrating at time but found the lag to be less in higher versions of iPad.
  • The lovely Scottish fog is a nice addition to the game but it does reduce your visibility. So be careful.
  • I have tipped many times over the tree-root. You need to be careful as the tree-root is not as conspicuous as in the original Temple Run game.
  • Sometimes the banner highlighting the distance run could distract you. In some cases, it caused a slight lag in the game.

download now!

Do tell us what you think about the game and share your experience!



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